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Create a labels file with Address Book data in Open Office / Libre Office

With OpenOffice you can create a Labels file and you can generate it with your Memotoo Address Book.


Create an OpenOffice Database with Memotoo data

Export Address Book from Memotoo

Convert CSV file to an OpenOffice spreadsheet

  • Launch " Calc"
  • Click on "Open ..."
  • Select the CSV file exported
  • Select "Semicolon" in "Separated by" and click "Ok"


  • Save the file as "ODF Spreadsheet (.ods)" type - ex: memotoo.ods

Create the database

  • Launch " Base"
  • Select "Connecting to an existing database" and "Spreadsheet"
  • Select the Spreadsheet saved before
  • Click on "Finish" and save the file as "ODF Database" - ex: memotoo.odf

Create the OpenOffice Labels

  • In OpenOffice, select on "File", "New" and "Labels"
  • Select "memotoo" in "Database"
  • Select "Sheet1" in "Table"
  • Add the data as you want they appears on the page


  • Click on: "New Document", then "Synchronize Labels" (To display synchronize button> Go to "Options" tab and check "Synchronize contents" while in the Label window.) Note that your data does NOT display on the screen; only the data fields are displayed.
  • Print
  • Now, respond YES to the question about "Do you want to print a form letter?" The Mail Merge dialog opens. Select the records ("all", or some limited number to test with). "OK"; Print dialog... "OK".