Open my Memotoo account

How to exchange your business card with others

With Memotoo, you can have a public profil page that allows you to show your e-mail, phone numbers, addresses... After you can easily share these data with others.

Profile Memotoo Webmaster


Create your Memotoo Profile (your Business Card)

Follow this link to create a contact with your data in your Memotoo account:

After edit this contact, click on Enable the public url of my profile? and choose the name of your URL profile


For example:

Share the profile

with URL

Now you can easily share the profile with URL for example by adding it:

  • at the bottom of your e-mails (in the signature)
  • on your website
  • ...

with QR Code / Flashcode picture

Print this picture on your Business Card and your clients could access to all your informations by reading it with theirs smartphone

Profile03.png Profile04.jpg

when you see a friend

Connect to the Memotoo mobile interface:

Go to My Business Card, and your friend must just scan the Flashcode on your phone:


(In this page, you can send your vCard by e-mail if you want)


When your contacts will consult your profile, they could download one vCard file with all your data (photo, e-mails, phone, ...), or add this profile in theirs Memotoo accounts to always have up to date your data (when you will modify your profile, theirs Address Book will be automatically updated! and after theirs phone, Gmail, Outlook, ...)


Profile example

Profile Memotoo Webmaster

How to read QR Code / Flashcode with your phone

Use Barcode Scanner on your Android mobile or tablet to read the QR Code

Use ZBar on your iPhone to read the QR Code

Use Flashcode on your Windows Phone 7 to read the QR Code

Use QR Code Scanner Pro on your BlackBerry to read the QR Code