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Sync Maemo 5 / Nokia N900

To sync your Nokia N900 / Maemo 5 with Memotoo, you must install the app SyncEvolution.

(thanks to Obelix for this wiki)


Install SyncEvolution for Maemo 5

with Extras-devel

You can install syncevolution from the extras-devel repository (here you can find more details about the package:

  • Add the Maemo extras-devel repository
  • Install syncevolution with the Application Manager
  • Open syncevolution (using the desktop shortcut)
  • Go to Sync services / Add new service
  • The wizard pops up, just choose the Memotoo template, fill in your username and password and it'll just work.

or with package

  • Go to the application manager and add the catalogue:

Web address:


or diretcly download the catalogue:
  • Search and install SyncEvolution

Install SyncEvolution for Maemo OS2008 / Nokia N800

Go here:

Config SyncEvolution

To configure SyncEvolution, you must have installed a text editor (ex: VI, Leafpad, ...) and use the command line.

  • Create the files for a sync Memotoo:
$ syncevolution --configure memotoo
  • (not necessary) Make a backup before editing files:
$ cd /home/user/.config/syncevolution/memotoo/
$ cp config.ini config.ini.old
  • Edit /home/user/.config/syncevolution/memotoo/config.ini and change these values:
syncURL =
username = your login
password = your password
  • Edit /home/user/.config/syncevolution/memotoo/sources/addressbook/config.ini to sync contacts:
sync = two-way
uri = con
  • Edit /home/user/.config/syncevolution/memotoo/sources/calendar/config.ini to sync calendar:
sync = two-way
uri = cal or cal.XXXXX (use this to sync only one calendar:

To sync many calendars, duplicate the calendar config file with this command:

$ syncevolution
--template memotoo
--sync-property username="LOGIN"
--sync-property password="PASSWORD"
--sync-property clientAuthType=basic
--sync-property syncURL=""
--source-property uri="REMOTE_CALENDAR_NAME"
--source-property evolutionsource="LOCAL_CALENDAR_NAME"
CONFIG_NAME calendar

LOGIN: your login
PASSWORD: your password
LOCAL_CALENDAR_NAME: Name of the calendar in the phone
CONFIG_NAME: Unique name of the config name (ex: memotoo_birthdays)
  • Edit /home/user/.config/syncevolution/memotoo/sources/todo/config.ini to sync tasks:
sync = two-way
uri = task
  • Edit /home/user/.config/syncevolution/memotoo/sources/memo/config.ini to sync notes:
sync = two-way
uri = pnote

Start the sync

$ syncevolution memotoo

Add a shortcut on Desktop


  • Upload this file in /usr/share/icons/hicolor/48×48/hildon/ (you will need root access: install Rootsh)
  • Create this shell script /usr/local/bin/
/usr/bin/syncevolution memotoo |tee  /tmp/memotoo`date +%y%m%d-%H%M`.log
printf "\t Press ENTER key to close.\n\n"
read a
exit 0
  • Make it executable
chmod 755 /usr/local/bin/
  • Create this file in /usr/share/applications/hildon/ and with name syncMemotoo.desktop
[Desktop Entry]
Exec=/usr/bin/osso-xterm /usr/local/bin/
  • Reboot the phone


Documentation to use SyncEvolution with Maemo

German documentation to use SyncEvolution with Maemo

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