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Displays a map with color to show where your contacts are and how many

Use Google Spreadsheets and Memotoo to have a map where your contacts live by number in each country.


Require a Google account.

Export the file from Memotoo

Go to this address to download the CSV file for heatmap gadget:

with theses fields:

"Country name","Country code","Contact count for home address","Contact count for work address","Contact count for other address","Contact count for all address"

This file is built with the countries in the address, and if there is no country, Memotoo search the country with the phone number.

Create spreadsheet in Google

  • Create a new spreadsheet
  • Go to "File", "Import..." and select the file downloaded from Memotoo
  • Click in the page with right button and select "Insert Gadget..."
  • Click on "Maps" and in "Heatmap" click on "Add to spreadsheet"
  • In "Range", you must specify the columns where are the information "Country code" and all colums with numbers. For example a file with 3 countries, "Range" have this value:
'Sheet 1'!B2:F4
  • Click on "Apply" to make the map !