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How to sync automatically your data

With Memotoo, you can synchronize automatically your data with the web services (Google, Yahoo!, Windows Live, ...) and schedule synchronizations with your pĥone, tablet and computer.


Automatically synchronizations in Background


When you add, modify, delete data in your Memotoo account, Memotoo automatically update your Google Calendar, Gmail, iCloud, Yahoo!, ...

You do not need to do an action to have your data updated!


  • You modify one event on your phone, your phone sync with Memotoo, and automatically Memotoo update the modified event in Google Calendar, Yahoo! Calendar, ...
  • You have added one contact in Gmail. When you will sync your phone, Memotoo will check if there is change in Gmail, so the contact will be sent to your phone.

Schedule synchronizations

With plugins

In most of plugins that you can download/install on your phone or on your computer (eg: Funambol for Outlook, Funambol for Thunderbird, Synthesis for Android/iPhone, ...), there is a scheduler to define the schedule sync.

(some synchronizations as CalDAV, CardDAV, Microsoft Exchange ActiveSync, check regularly if there is some changes, so you do need to have a scheduler)

With web services

For theses synchronizations, Memotoo offers the possibility to force the sync each hour, each day or each week:

Same as websites, you can schedule synchronizations for:

Note: if you choose the sync each hour (for theses sync server) and the synchronization take more 30 seconds, so Memotoo will disable the synchronization.


  • You modify one contact in Gmail. If you have defined an automatically sync each hour, your contact will be updated in Memotoo max one hour later (and automically updated in Yahoo!, in iCloud, ...)
  • You have defined a scheduler each hour in the Funambol plugin for Outlook, so Memotoo will send you the contacts/calendar/tasks/notes/files modified since last sync