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Sync mutiple Gmail accounts with one Address Book

How to setup

If you have many Gmail accounts (one Business, one Home, one of your Wife, ...), and you want have the same Address Book and contacts on each Google account, it is easy: use only one Memotoo account!

  • Just follow this link, and add the synchronization between Memotoo and your first Gmail account:
  • After sign out Gmail, connect to the second Gmail account, and click again on this link to add the second synchronization between Memotoo and your second Gmail account
  • And you can continue to connect as many Gmail accounts as you want!

Particular case: you want sync only some groups with Gmail

UPDATE 2013-08-02: now choose which Memotoo groups of contacts you want to sync with your Gmail accounts:

Old method before UPDATE:

If you have many Gmail accounts (one yours, one of your wife, one of your child, ...), and you want sync some groups between your Address Book and the others accounts:

  • After in your account, share the groups you want give access to the others people:

  • And finally, sign-in to each Memotoo accounts and define the Gmail sync:

Before define Gmail sync, be careful to remove contacts in Gmail so that they will not be imported in Memotoo

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