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How to sync OneMediaHub Windows plugin for Outlook

Funambol has now migrated theirs plugins to OneMediaHub and upgraded the versions to 11.x (do not use OneMediaHub version 12 because you could not sync tasks and notes)

It is difficult now to change the Server URL and set the Memotoo address.

So you will found here a tips to change the Server URL.


Plugin OneMediaHub v11 for Windows

If you use Outlook 2013 64bits, OneMediaHub will not work and you must use the ActiveSync synchronization

1. Download

Download the plugin here:

2. Install the plugin

Execute the program onemediahub-windows-sync-client-11.0.8.exe

3. Modify the Server URL

Download and execute this file:


  • Open Regedit (by going in "Start" menu, "Execute" and enter "regedit")
  • Search "Funambol Windows Sync Client" or go directly to the key:

4. Restart OneMediaHub plugin

Close and open again the OneMediaHub plugin to validate the changes

5. Finish the installation of the plugin

Follow this link:

If you have Error accessing Redemption.MAPIUtils object

It is possible that when you open the plugin Funambol or OneMediaHub, you have the error: Error accessing Redemption.MAPIUtils object.

To correct this error:

  • Open Regedit (by going in "Start" menu, "Execute" and enter "regedit")
  • Search "Redemption.dll" and verify that the path is valid (the path must be "C:\Program Files (x86)\OneMediaHub\Redemption.dll")

(may be you must done many search and verify the value in Regedit)

  • Restart the plugin

Plugin OneMediaHub v13 for Windows

If you have problem with Outlook 2013 / 2016 and OneMediaHub v11 or ActiveSync, you can use OneMediaHub v13 plugin:

And modify the Server URL, by executing this file: (as described just before)

To use OneMediaHub v13 plugin, you must create also an account at with same login and password as Memotoo


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